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Michelle Walsh


Marketing Consultant Edson, AB

Office: 780-723-4461

Cell: 780-728-3480

Email: michelle@theeagle.ca  

Describe your hometown...

Corner Brook, NL… On the west coast of the island. Lovely city in a valley nestled between mountains, neighboring bays and rivers. A paradise for kayakers, hikers, swimmers, skiers and anyone who enjoys clean fresh air, undiscovered nature trails, icebergs, pods of whales and clear, fresh water. It’s filled with friendly people and beautiful horizons. The only things missing are a world-altering tornado, itty bitty red slippers and an even "ittier" "bittier" yappy dog named Toto.

Why Radio?

Tried the rodeo but the clowns frightened me.

Favorite Food?

Anything edible. Especially Chinese and chocolate.


Working-out, dancing, tae-bo, swimming, writing, photography, nuclear physics, biotechnology and scrabble

Pet Peeves: My dogs don’t like it when I put them on a leash.

Describe the perfect day:

Sleeping in until 9am… waking up to the summer sun… brunch for two…. long walk with the dogs…. discovering chocolate has zero calories and is the newest addition of Canada’s official food guide… leisurely swim in a warm, clean, sandy-bottom pond… family bbq… early evening drive… stopping for ice-cream and another dog walk … slipping into tank top/shorts before cuddling on the couch for a back rub while watching a scary movie. Oh… and world hunger would be eradicated and world peace would prevail.

Interesting Work History:

Radio has been my “work home” since high school. I’ve never had to work with animals or small children.  Which may have been preferable to cranky/difficult interview subjects, dead-air, stalkers, being holed up at a broadcast tower in the woods while a brush fire burned nearby or being on-air in the middle of the night while mice brushed by my feet. But I must love the quiet torture- considering I’ve been doing this for ….. (thinking)….. about 6 years now.