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Don Helm


Don Helm is the Morning guy at the Eagle. He's been transplanted from Ontario to Alberta, and hasn't looked back... well, not yet at least. He spent his first week or so in a hotel, racking up long distance on his cell phone. For those who think it's glamourous to live in a hotel, ask Don how he feels about that. Join him weekdays from 6 a.m. to Noon on The Don and Ron Show. E-mail don@theeagle.ca.

The EAGLE Radio Survey:

Why do you want to work at The Eagle?
I get to live in a new place, meet new people, play music, and get PAID for it..I think the real question is.. Why don't you!? 

Favourite part about your job?
Coming to work everyday and getting to hang out, interact with listeners and listen to great music. I love music. Oh, and not having to wear a suit and tie is a definite plus. 

Why Radio? 
I'm not pretty enough for television...haha
Other than my aforementioned love of music? ...because it's different every day, I didn't want to ever work in a cubicle. Although, I'm sort of in one now, but it has a window. Yep, corner office on the first day. Sweeeet.

Listening to music, attempting to create music, music trivia (I love that stuff), watching tv (fav shows: Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, Two and Half Men, Prison Break) Playing football, baseball.. sorry no hockey, I don't have anything against it, I just can't skate to save my life. All that, and air guitar, I can't deny it.

Pet peeves?
Liars. Oh, and slow walkers in front of me. If I'm shopping, I don't want to be there long, get out of the way!

Favourite person in the world?
There's a few. My parents obviously helped make the dream come true, and well, made me what I am today (in the creative and physiological sense) and A.C.

Your idea of a great nite?
One you don't remember in the morning! Haha 

Favourite thing about the town you’re in?
The people in this area seem so down to earth, I love it. Everything is so close, saves gas!

Best Food?
Pizza, pasta, chicken ..basically if I don't have to cook it, chances are I'll eat it... well, if it's normally edible.

Interesting work history?
The radio game has had me in Burlington, Brantford, Hamilton (twice) all of which are  in Ontario. This is my first trek out west. I've never been west of Ontario, until now, and now... you're stuck with me. No Seriously. My mom sold me to the Eagle for a couple of t-shirts and a few stickers.